Central Banking Programs

Skill Upgradation Programs

NIBAF offers training programs in the following categories
1. Specialized training
2. Operational gaps
3. Trainings on soft skills
4. Trainings on knowledge enhancement
Annually NIBAF offers more than hundred programs in this category

This course is tailored for those who are comfortably using MS Excel 2016 and needs to advance their level with new features and techniques. Participants are acquainted with in-depth and real world practical scenarios.

This workshop is designed to help participants develop a deeper understanding of the background and objectives of National Payment Systems Strategy (NPSS), which is one of the tactical objectives of SBP vision 2020. The participants are also explained how changes across the globe and in Pakistan are shaping the regulatory response towards Digital, Innovative, Faster and Ubiquitous payments in today’s world.

This module provides a well-rounded overview of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies while covering opportunities and challenges associated with them from a legal and regulatory perspective. Participants are also equipped with advance topics like cryptography, bitcoin transactions, mining process, and bitcoin security.

This module is designed to help learners develop a deeper insight into cyber security challenges, common cyber threats and counter measures. Practical examples along with live demonstrations related to cyber security are included to acquaint trainees to discern vulnerabilities, and avert cyber attacks.

This course has been developed to help participants recognize factors specific to COVID-19 that impact their mental and emotional well-being and what they can do to manage their feelings of anger, anxiety, and fear associated with the current situation. Participants are also equipped with helpful strategies on how to deal with the uncertainty of COVID-19, cope with its challenges, and ultimately prepare for life after the pandemic.

The course aims to familiarize participants with the concepts and terms pertaining to RAAST (Pakistan's Instant Payment System). The module discussed the local payment ecosystem and demonstrated some global examples of payment gateways along with their impact on their respective economies. It also covers RAAST operations that how a transaction is settled in RAAST and how it would impact real-time gross settlement (RTGS) and SBP core banking applications.

This highly interactive training workshop enables participants to grasp the concept of mindfulness and how it is used to enhance the present-moment experience. Participants are also inculcated with mindfulness techniques to acquire better focus and concentration, in turn, improve their performances, efficiency, and help create a calm environment at the workplace.

This simulation-based module has been developed to help participants apprehend the systematic and proven approaches for effective negotiation solutions. Participants are also equipped with a variety of tools to reduce deadlock, solve problems, and get their points across more effectively.

This course has been developed to help participants learn “Neuro Linguistic Programming” and how it is used to model behavior of individuals to make them more rational and increase their problem-solving and emotional intelligence abilities. The participants are familiarized with NLP core presuppositions & principles, eye accessing cues, meta and milton model, anchoring, and communication.

This highly interactive, experiential and engaging workshop is developed, based on team building model “The Scale of Cooperation” with the aim to help participants comprehend what it takes to move towards being better at cooperation in teams. The workshop also covers trust, feedback, and different types of communication and their role at each level of teamwork.

This completely hands on module is designed to help participants learn about the tips and shortcuts for working more efficiently in Windows 10. The program covers Windows 10 operating system basics, before delving into core applications, Microsoft Edge browser, data backup and synchronization, notification preferences and account settings.