Central Banking Programs

Pre-induction Training programs for SBP and its Subsidiaries

Aim of these programs is to equip the inducted officers at SBP and BSC to perform their duties with efficiency and effectiveness. These programs are generally have long duration and covered key aspects of central banking, macroeconomics, banking operations etc. besides enhancing their managerial and soft skills. There are various categories under which State bank of Pakistan recruit new talent namely, State Bank Officers Training Scheme (SBOTS), Statistical Officer Training program (SOTP) etc, similarly Banking Services Corporation being a subsidiary also recruit new talent under Young Professional Induction program (YPIP) and Junior Officers Training Program (JOTP). All such recruitments are required to attend mandatory pre-induction training designed and delivered by NIBAF at Islamabad.

State Bank Officers Training Scheme

The main objective of the training is to provide the inductees applied training in a combination of basic skills consisting of different modules such as accounting, auditing, communication skills, commercial banking, followed by a blend of training both in theoretical and applied aspects essential at entry level of the services career with SBP which included training in the core area of central banking and the role of SBP as the apex institutions of banking & financial system of Pakistan. More specifically the objectives are: To impart theoretical as well as applied training to the fresh inductees in the different areas of banking, economics & soft skills. To prepare the batch at the entry level and enable them to join SBP with a clear perception of central banking in general and SBP’s overall operational horizon in particular. To enhance their capabilities to analyze the financial and economic data, explore linkages among various sectors of the economy and prepare various reports.

The program is based on modular structure and the total duration is 20.1 weeks as per the latest offering. At the end of each module (or during the module), there are test(s) / assignments and at the end of the training program a comprehensive examination is conducted. The final results are computed on weightage system that is based on individual results of modules’ tests and the final comprehensive examination.

The major modules covered in the programs are:

Communication Skills
Office Management (partial)
Pak-Economy – Applied
Applied Accounting
Commercial Banking
Monetary Management / Macro Finance
Foreign Exchange & Treasury Management
Islamic Banking & Finance
Payment System
Banking Supervision
Development Finance Group (DFG)
Office Management
Monetary & Exchange Rate Policy
Banking Supervision

Economic Analyst Training Scheme (EATS)

Economic Analysts Training Scheme (EATS) is an important induction level training program that is aimed to attract young talented graduates having background mainly in economics and related disciplines to join career at SBP. The training program under the Economic Analysts Training Scheme (EATS) mainly focuses on key functions of Monetary Policy and Research Clusters in particular and other functions of SBP in general.

Statistical Officers Training Scheme (SOTS)

State Bank of Pakistan, the central bank of the country, is continuously undertaking various initiatives to strengthen its institutional capacities. Statistical

Young Professionals Induction Program (YPIP)

SBP Banking Services Corporation introduced a comprehensive and well-designed management trainee scheme titled ‘Young Professionals Induction Program’ (YPIP) to hire talented graduates at OG-2 level. Since inception of this pre-induction training program NIBAF is engaged for capacity building of then newly inducted officers. So far, NIBAF managed all 8 programs where therein 554 officers were graduated from NIBAF after completing 12-weeks theoretical training, as detail shown below:

YPIP course curriculum was designed to equip the newly inducted officers with the desired set of knowledge and skill and inculcate behavioral competencies among them in line with the organizational needs of SBP BSC. Besides highlighting the importance/ significance of the competency based corporate culture and customer service orientation in SBP BSC, a pre-requisite for a dynamic and vibrant organization, the training curriculum for inductees under YPIP is also focuses on the policy making role of SBP as well as the operational tasks entrusted to BSC. In last eight batches, NIBAF in collaboration of SBP BSC updated the training curriculum on the basis of feedback from trainees, trainers, focus group discussions as well as evaluation by external consultant. Due to the fact, officers graduated from YPIP are performing their assignments at different level including Divisional Heads at BSC HOK.

Officers Training Program (OTP)

SBP Banking Services Corporation introduced a scheme titled ‘Officers Training Program (OTP)’ to hire OG-1 in 2013 to strengthen its HR base, particularly at the field Offices in cash management and banking services areas. Since inception of this pre-induction training program, NIBAF managed mandatory theoretical residential training for all 10 batches of OTP. So far 774 officers are graduated from NIBAF under OTP.

The curriculum of OTP is designed with main objective to impart training to enable fresh inductees to perform their duties at SBP-BSC with a clear perception of main operational areas of BSC as per organizational need. The contents and modules of programs are regularly reviewed and updated in light of feedback sought from concerned stakeholders (online surveys from participants of previous batches, focus groups of top management of SBP-BSC and NIBAF) to incorporate latest requirements, where needed. For revision of course contents and training methodology number of interventions were made including program effectiveness review by external consult. The program is well received by all stakeholders. Officers graduated from NIBAF under OTP are performing their assignment as per organizational need and requirement.